Peace and Life for Muslims

Changing the world, one heart at a time…


Regardless of all the tensions in the world, this is a website to assure all Muslims that God loves them deeply and desires for all  of them to be saved, and be with Him in heaven forever.

There is a battle between truth and error as old as the human race. The big issue is the person and work of Jesus Christ. There are very sincere people on both sides of the conflict, but we all know that you can be sincerely right or sincerely wrong.  Many earnest people desire forgiveness of sin, genuine peace, love, joy and assurance that they will go to heaven after they die. They find themselves in the middle of the conflict without the experience of reality, and longed for assurance.

This website asks them to take a second look at their prophet Jesus Christ, to talk directly to Him, ask and trust Him to meet their longings and aspirations.  He will never fail them